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About the company

Currently Järna Rosodling Ltd before Löfsta Handelsträdgård, was started in 1911
when it was parcelled out in a number smallholdings, as it was called then. The idea
was that one could feed oneself on the divided property.

At Löfsta the Larsson family settled down, who came from an adjacent village that is
called Mölnbo where they worked as gardeners. Sam Larsson decided from the start that here should flowers and vegetables be cultivated. They started with putting up a
pair castes then the activity was increased to sowing in real green houses. At the
nursery worked; a farmhand, one garden worker and one maid, whereas needed day
workers were taken in.
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Löfsta was, at that time, a good haunt of bums. It was always hot since one burnt
with coke and wood in the lower part of the garden, the bums usually slept by one of
the six chimneys.

The Leif Johnson family bought Löfsta in 1963. Torsten Asplund was included as
inventory because he had worked here since 1943 and knew everything about the
operation. Leif Johnson ran during the first years also Flemingsberg's garden sideby-
side meanwhile equipping and building new greenhouses and thereby the
increased the production. The first years there was a mix of potted plants and roses.
Leif went away rapidly 1988 then I, Jan Erik, run the business by myself.
The bigger part of the greenhouse area has been replaced to modern high productive
greenhouses, that today covers a surface of 1 hectare. We have installed ‘rollbeds’ in
order to use the greenhouse surface to a 85% production.

Our alignment has focus on long-term sustainable environment with modern
technology. The latest data drawings of the climate control are used along with
accumulator tanks for recycling of heat when necessary.
Our transports are made by new environmentally friendly cars with exhaust emission control and that is driven on clean environment diesel.
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We can receive bigger field trips groups for the cost of 60 kr/person and then a
guided trip in our greenhouses and also a beautiful rose is included.

Järna Rosodling AB, Löfsta, SE-153 95 JÄRNA; ph: +46 8 551 700 26, fax: +46 8 551 700 19; e-mail: Järna Rosen
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