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Our production

Järna Rosodling produces roses with a focus on a sustainable ecological society. Klicka här för större bild.
Our wastes in the environment are minimal.
All irrigation is done by recirculating water systems which means that all water that
isn’t consumed by the roses is collected and will be used again. Used water tillsänts
of primarily gathered rain waters from the greenhouses in other hand from a passingby stream. Before the waste water is recycled it will be cleaned through a biological sewage treatment works.

The cultivation of roses happens in inactive materials, such as Rockwool and coconut
fiber. The refining of new roses happens in special stem increase chamber where
high humidity and heat are held. At least 5 new kinds are produced each year.
When Spraying against vermin environmentally friendly products is primarily used
such as Bicarbonate and Pine oil. If urgent problem arises point control is set in only
on those places where problems are found.
The only existing robot for sorting and packaging of roses in Sweden is at Järna
Rosodling where all roses are photographed with three cameras before the quality
are decided in order to later be packed 20 pcs. in each ream and then be packed in
recycled plastic wrap.
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For heating oil and electrical is used, the oil that is used is burnt in a special pan socalled
blue barn pan there noxs gases are cleaned and the remainder of the smoke
gases becomes Co2. These smoke gases are cooled down, cleaned and the heat is
taken care of and the exhaust fumes are blown in the greenhouses as a clean Co2.
Energy weave is assembled in all houses that have single platens and 16 mm
Plexiglas. Energy savings up to 50%.

Heat and the climate is controlled by the aid of a computer of the latest version,
electronic sensor has been installed in order to get so careful climate control that’s
possible. A new unique heat control programme is used in order to be able to have
the energy type that is most favourable for us at the moment. An accumulator tank on
100 m2 collects excess heat that can return the same heat when needed.

Transports are done by new cars that have environmentally friendly engines and are
refuelled with a mixture of rape oil and environment diesel.

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